Our start-up and small business practice recognizes that as businesses grow, that growth doesn't always come neatly and conveniently in full-time employee increments, nor does it come evenly throughout the year . We help our clients think about how to scale cost efficiently in-line with their growth - without sacrificing the quality of talent that they hire. 


The client: A young recruiting firm that focuses on front office roles in the financial services industry. 
The challenge: A huge portion of their annual business happens during a few months (or even a few weeks) of the year. Adding an additional full-time staff member didn't make sense, nor did they have the budget to do it so soon after their launch - but they would lose business if they didn't scale up in some way to accommodate the volume during this time.
The Prokanga solution: Using our knowledge of their recruiting needs, as well as the very specific hiring cycles in their industry, we were able to find them someone to work full-time for up to 50+ hour weeks over a specific 2-3 month period.  

The client: A start-up based in Mongolia preparing to launch a new brand based on Mongolian leather, cashmere and wool that has been processed in an ecologically responsible way. 
The challenge: The company has begun identifying target markets both for the creation of a new standalone brand and the via the production of products for existing brands, and have prepared some initial financial estimates. They now needed someone with fundraising experience to help them create a business plan and an investor presentation.
The Prokanga solution: A Prokanga professional with a retail investng background helped the company develop the materials with a focus on appealing to US investors. She also used her retail knowledge to help them further refine their estimates and think through the details of their business plan. This was done on a project basis at a price point that was feasible for an early stage start-up.

The client: A small business in the admissions consulting space. 
The challenge: The founder of a very successful admissions consulting firm found that his time was being consumed with responses to new client email inquiries and other operational minutia - and that these activities were cutting into the amount of time he could focus on existing client base.
The Prokanga solution: We identified a professional with a flexible schedule and experience running the operations of a start-up to handle 'email triage' for two hours a day and to take on other operational tasks as needed. This freed up the founder's time to work on the core strategy of the business and focus on current client needs.


Prokanga A graduated from Middlebury and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. She worked at Morgan Stanley and a leading PE firm pre-MBA, and then spent five years in a media company’s strategy group after graduating from HBS. Since 2015, she has been consulting for various start-ups on general business planning. Her clients have included several start-ups in the film and content space.

Prokanga B received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and her JD from Duke. She spent six years in legal practice before launching a very successful small business in NYC and running it for five years. She wound down this business to spend more time with her family and is now interested in supporting operations for a young start-up on a part-time basis.

Prokanga C graduated from Cambridge and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. Her early career was in financial services, with roles at both investment banks and private equity firms. After attending HBS, she focused on finance in the retail, e-commerce, luxury goods and fashion industries, always with a focus on emerging and growing brands. Her experience includes M&A at VF Corporation, leading finance (including fundraising) at an e-commerce company, and running all operations and finance for an emerging jewelry brand.

Prokanga D graduated from Boston College and received her MA in Economic & Political Development from Columbia. She worked in logistics planning, supply chain and operations pre-MA. After receiving her MA, she went to a media company, where she has been for seven years. She currently leads operations and financial management for one division of the company, and is looking for an opportunity to join a smaller firm where she would have both more impact and more flexibility.




  • Financial modeling, business plan and fundraising materials for a wearable technology brand
  • CEO for a start-up toy company
  • COO for a start-up baby goods/service company
  • Thought leadership writing for the CEO of a start-up fintech brand
  • Copywriting for a handbag start-up
  • Business plan and fundraising materials for a fashion brand
  • Site design and development for a start-up in the art and design space
  • Market sizing for a start-up in the athletics space