The client: An SF-based shared mobility company

The challenge: The company was growing quickly. Almost too quickly – they didn’t have time to effectively run hiring processes or interview for all the roles that they need to fill.

The Prokanga solution: Prokanga worked with the client to prioritize a VP of People hire. We identified and recruited a top local candidate who started with the company less than a month after we diagnosed the human resources bottleneck.

The client: A NYC-based healthcare non-profit.

The challenge: The organization had lost a long time leader and needed someone to keep the team focused while they evaluated what the ideal leadership situation would be going forward.

The Prokanga solution: Prokanga identified a candidate with a career as a private sector COO who was looking to make a transition to the non-profit sector and simultaneously helped the client define the need as “Interim Executive Director”. The consulting nature and limited duration of the role made this an ideal situation for the candidate to test her interest in the non-profit space while guiding the organization through a time of transition.

The Client: A non-profit with a national footprint.

The Challenge: The client needed a new Executive Director and felt that they had exhausted the talent pool in their local market. 

The Prokanga Solution: We worked with the Client to consider a range of options and ultimately recognized that some of the largest growth areas were outside of their traditional home market; we also noted that that members of the organization already traveled substantially and therefore remote work was ingrained in the culture. With this knowledge, we widened the search to three cities, and therefore expanded the candidate pool substantially. The new Executive Director visits the home office regularly but is on the ground in the company's fastest growing market.