We work in two ways:

1) Project and consulting engagements (including interim leadership and parental leave coverage):

Often a key part of a business's growth, project and consulting work allows our clients to only incur costs as needed. This is very often where relationships with our clients begin.

2) Permanent role (part-time and full-time) search execution:

Many of our projects turn into traditional searches as a business grows and a role becomes more clearly defined. While we do work on classic full-time roles, we encourage our clients to consider including some element of flexibility searches when possible. We have found that this is key to differentiation in the large number of employment options that our professionals have, and drives significantly higher long term retention.

A note on our focus on cultural fit:
Across both of our offerings, we lead with a focus on culture: we understand the importance of bringing on team members that align with your vision and values. We help our clients cost-effectively hire top-tier talent that not only meets your performance criteria, but also fits into your internal culture. Hires who represent a true cultural fit also represent the highest potential for long-term retention.