We started with one simple belief: the best professionals have a lot of options, and incorporating flexibility is a differentiating way for companies to attract these professionals. We work with these highly experienced professionals in two ways:

  • on a project or contractor basis
  • in permanent roles where we help clients get more value for their compensation dollar by incorporating flexibility

Our candidates are generally currently employed in full-time roles and looking for opportunities to transition to a role with increased flexibility. We also have a subset of professionals who have made this transition and create their own flexibility by maintaining a large group of consulting clients.

These samples from our database provide a sense of the caliber of talent in our network:


Prokanga A is currently a Senior Associate in the Investment Management Group at a prominent law firm. She works directly with hedge funds and hedge fund managers on launching new funds, restructuring existing hedge funds, compliance issues, and all of the day to day legal needs of their hedge fund clients. She truly enjoys her current role, but she has three children and would be very interested in an in-house role with more flexibility. 


Prokanga B has 11 years of strategic planning experience at agencies and as a freelance consultant. She has worked at Grey, Deutsch, and Y&R. She has a focus on the CPG and healthcare spaces, and client work has included Avon, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota and the American Heart Association. She her full-time role in the agency world last year, and now works on aproject basis for several of our clients.


Prokanga C has spent 12 years in Investor Relations at an emerging markets, global macro and commodities focused investment management firm. She received her BA from the University of Virginia. She recently returned from maternity leave with her second child, and is interested in a role with more flexibility.

Prokanga D began her career at Bain, received her MBA from Harvard Business School, and then spent eight years in working with non-profits. Since the birth of her daughter (2.5), she has been provided maternity leave coverage for leadership roles at non-profits.



Prokanga E received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and her JD from Duke. She spent six years in legal practice before launching a very successful small business in NYC and running it for five years. She wound down this business to spend more time with her family and is now interested in supporting operations for a young start-up on a part-time basis.