The client: A young recruiting firm that focuses on front office roles in the financial services industry. 
The challenge: A huge portion of their annual business happens during a few months (or even a few weeks) of the year. Adding an additional full-time staff member didn't make sense - but they would lose business if they didn't scale up in some way to accommodate the volume during this time.
The Prokanga solution: Using our knowledge of their recruiting needs, as well as the very specific hiring cycles in their industry, we were able to find them someone to work full-time for up to 50+ hour weeks over a specific 2-3 month period.   

The client: A small independent advertising agency.
The challenge: Their strategy team was stretched to the max. While they had done much of the ground work for a client's marketing strategy, they literally didn't have the bandwidth to document their rationale and share how the strategy would lead to a creative vision.
The Prokanga solution: The agency strategy lead briefed one of our consultants, an experienced agency strategist. Our strategist worked remotely, turned two drafts of the deck, and ultimately delivered the 40 page strategy deck within a week.  

The client: A well-established PE firm with $3 billion in AUM.
The challenge: Their Head of IR was transitioning out of her role. This had always been a traditional full-time role, but after considering that they wouldn't be actively marketing a new fund for several years, they questioned whether an investment in a new senior lead made sense. Yet, at the same time, they didn't want a junior person representing their firm to existing investors. 
The Prokanga solution: By opening up the search to candidates looking for flexibility, we were able to find them an experienced IR lead who wants to continue to build her career while finding some balance with a new child at home. She will be working three days each week and scaling up as fundraising needs require.