Executive Leadership Practice

Our executive leadership practice spans both the private and non-profit sectors, and taps into our unparalleled access to the top tier of leadership talent available in today's market. We use our ability to include flexibility in the compensation practice to attract high caliber talent to smaller organizations.

Executive Leadership Case Studies

The Client: A small toy company was looking to hire the first CEO beyond its founding team.

The Challenge: The company had a concept with massive growth potential but didn't have the budget to attract seasoned talent from a major player in the space.

The Prokanga Solution: The client incorporated flexibility into the compensation package, and hired a senior executive from a leading toy company with nearly a decade of strategic experience in the space. While she took a slight cut in compensation, she gained the flexibility to step out of the office for a few hours and pick up her children from school, while the company gained a level of talent and experience that they would not otherwise have been able to afford. 

The Client: A non-profit with a national footprint.

The Challenge: The client needed a new Executive Director and felt that they had exhausted the talent pool in their local market. 

The Prokanga Solution: We worked with the Client to consider a range of options and ultimately recognized that some of the largest growth areas were outside of their traditional home market; we also noted that that members of the organization already traveled substantially and therefore remote work was ingrained in the culture. With this knowledge, we widened the search to three cities, and therefore expanded the candidate pool substantially. The new Executive Director visits the home office regularly but is on the ground in the company's fastest growing market.


Prokanga A began her career at Bain, received her MBA from Harvard Business School, and then spent eight years in working with non-profits. Since the birth of her daughter, she has been providing maternity leave coverage for leadership roles at non-profits.

Prokanga B has been the COO of two hedge funds from launch and is the treasurer of a $5m non-profit. She has a deep expertise in launching and scaling organizations that can be applied to either the private or public sector. She received her BA from the University of Virginia.

Prokanga C began her career in consulting at Deloitte and the Boston Consulting Group before moving to a major consumer goods company where she has held a range of strategic leadership roles (strategic partnerships, corporate strategy, strategic brand planning). She received her BA from the University of Chicago and her MBA from Harvard Business School.




  • CEO of a start-up toy company
  • Executive Director of a healthcare non-profit
  • Executive Director of a political non-profit
  • COO of a baby goods startup