About Us

Flexible expertise

Prokanga is an online marketplace for vetted flexible talent. We provide individual and business clients access to a level of skill and experience they might not be able to afford with a full-time or retained employee, and we allow professionals to identify flexible opportunities while avoiding the huge time commitment of networking.


Prokanga professionals work on a flexible basis. This means that they work on an hourly consulting or project-based fee structure, or only seek engagements that are limited to a finite period of time (i.e., a one month in-house consulting role, a seasonal role, or providing coverage for a three month maternity leave). For professionals, this means lifestyle flexibility, and for clients, this means access to highly skilled talent at a discount relative to a full-time employee.


Prokanga professionals comprise an established, mature mid-career workforce. The quality of the talent available is maintained through a proprietary vetting system where 3-4 quantitative criteria are applied to candidates in each vertical to ensure that Prokanga professionals will immediately be able to add value to a client's business or personal needs.