By considering flexibility as part of the compensation dollar, our clients access a higher level of talent within their budget. Flexibility can mean everything from working from home on alternate Fridays to a fully remote role with flexible hours. 

Our ability to tap into a pool of high caliber talent that places a significant value on flexibility is unique within the industry. Our candidates are generally looking to leave a full-time role for an opportunity with increased flexibility; we rarely work with candidates who have been out of the workforce for any substantial period of time.

Our mandates include full-time, part-time and project-based roles. 

OUR practice areas

today's prokanga | ˈproʊ,kæŋɡə | 
Any professional whose accomplishments and experience allow them to choose the structure of their next role.

the original prokanga | ˈproʊ,kæŋɡə | 
A professional woman who works on a flexible basis; she is defined by her membership in a curated network of high caliber experts. Often a parent who has chosen an independent career path.